Sunday, July 6, 2008

The most important day in pop music history -- July 6, 1957

I was going to write my own stylized account of this most important event, which took place 51 years ago today. But, the story is quite familiar to most music fans.

At the Woolton Parish Church garden fete, a 16 year old beery-breathed John Lennon, fronting a little skiffle band called the Quarrymen -- mates from his school and neighborhood -- performed Be-Bop-A-Lula, Come and Go With Me and a few other numbers of the day to crowd that had no idea that it was seeing an historical moment. After the Quarrymen left the stage, a friend of John, Ivan Vaughn, introduced him to another local lad, 15 year old James Paul McCartney. Paul amazed John by showing him how to play Twenty Flight Rock. Within a few weeks, Paul was a member of the Quarrymen and George Harrison followed months later.

Had Ivan Vaughn not invited Paul to the garden fete and introduced him to John...

It just seemed wrong to let this day pass without mentioning this milestone occasion on its anniversary.

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