Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If we really evolved from chimpanzees...

how on earth is this cartoon "racist"? In that sense, it is nothing more than an acknowledgment that we are what we are: apes.

*Note: writer does not endorse this point of view. Writer also does not believe we are descended from apes.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My budding young feminist

I don't know what I said exactly, but my eight year old's response, as she washed her hair and soaked in the tub was, "Why is it 'man-made'? Why isn't it sometimes 'woman-made?'"

She went on: "Why is it 'mankind?'"

I offered an olive branch immediately: "Well, we can always say 'humankind.'"

As if sucked through a vortex back to my college days, where a small number of women actually cared about such language matters, I asked defensively, "Where have you been hearing this stuff? Why does it matter?"

"Because saying something is 'man' takes away from the dignity [yes, I'm pretty sure she used that word] of women."


I've always hated identity politics. I especially hate this kind of ticky-tack feminism. Let's talk about equal rights and equal treatment. Let's not get ourselves twisted in a knot over whether a female member of Congress should be addressed "Congresswoman" or "Madame Congressman."

Sometimes something unusual can occur when someone I love deeply states a view I find offensive (obnoxious or annoying are better terms): I listen and consider it instead of shooting it down. I'm not likely to change my mind on an issue like this, but I am still amazed my eight year old is in tune enough to consider the matter and give it voice. Good for her!

But please, please, dear Lord in heaven, don't let me raise a little leftie.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My one man boycott of Compuware-related businesses begins...now!

Compuware is hiring Kwame Kilpatrick now that he's out of jail.


If Peter Karmanos thinks it's a good idea to hire convicted felon, Kwame Kilpatrick, to work him, I think it's a good idea, if possible, to not buy any of Mr. Karmanos's companies' good and services.

I know Mr. Karmanos cares about the City of Detroit, which makes this move puzzling. Kwame cost that City tens of millions of dollars because he of his thuggery, dishonesty and arrogance. That man might have been the worst mayor ever of any big city in the United States, but Pete K loves him for some reason.

I'm not a complete idiot. I know my opinion on this subject doesn't matter much. I do know, though, that I won't support local businesses like the Plymouth Whalers or Compuware Arena as long as Kwame works for Mr. Karmanos.

We all make choices in life and I'm making mine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Izzo and the Spartans continue their domination of the Michigan Wolverines

During so-called "Rivalry Week" on ESPN, Michigan State, once again, beat the lowly Wolverines. UM won the last two games in the series played at Crisler, but couldn't hold off the Spartans tonight.

Here are some blurbs from the Freep Press's article about the game

The Spartans have won 16 of (the last) 19 in the series.

Michigan had won its last two home games against Michigan State, but led the latest matchup just twice in the opening minutes.

* * *

Michigan State is 7-0 in true road games, joining Connecticut, Louisville and Utah State as the only undefeated Division I teams on opponents’ home courts.

The Wolverines have lost seven of their last nine and might’ve been tired against Michigan State, playing their third game in just six days.

I love it! UM's built-in excuse for being awful tonight was that they were "tired." Perhaps it's just that they are a mediocre, at best, team playing the team that should win the Big 10 this year and which is sitting at no. 9 in the national polls.

This never gets old. I hope the Wolverines are lousy for decades to come.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"'Fellowship' is Christian-ese for 'pigging out!'"

That's an old joke from witch-turned-evangelist, Mike Warnke. It's spot on, too.

Our church home group yesterday got together to bowl, eat and play games. The only thing I excelled at was eating! I ate and ate and ate. The food was delicious, which was part of the problem. I generally lack discipline. Also I will be starting Lent soon, so I've been in the frame of mind that I should "pig out" now before the deprivation starts.

I am really paying for the overeating. I feel poisoned. It feels like an after-holidays hangover. I can't wait to be cleansed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random useless observation no. 1

People like swimming pools.

Any hotel worth its salt has at least a pool suitable for wading. In most suburbs in America, there's hardly a yard (at least where kids live) that doesn't at least have a kiddie pool. You'll probably never say a bona fide mansion without a pool.

Even in the dead of winter, people like to swim. It is pretty common around here for families to rent hotel rooms just so the kids can swim.

When we took our daughter to Disney World for her 5th birthday present, she loved the parks and the rides, but she would've been happy to swim in our hotel pool (shaped like Mickey's head) for most of the stay if we would have let her.

I could go on.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is there a football game today?

OK, I'll come clean. I know today is Super Bowl Sunday. I have to admit that if I hadn't stumbled across CNN or MSNBC the last few days, I wouldn't know who was playing in it.

I love college football. Most of my football watching is limited to following the Michigan State Spartans. I no longer have the time or desire to spend 15 hours every fall Saturday watching the other games. I have even less inclination to follow the NFL. In fact, I dislike pro football. To me, it's boring.

The Super Bowl is an event. The game is secondary. I'm neither interested in the game or the event. Lots of folks love to have Super Bowl parties at their homes, at bars, private clubs, etc. But I don't need a football game as an excuse to sit in front of the TV and overeat. I could do that on my own if I wanted.

I've been to many Super Bowl parties but I just find them...boring. I might be the only male in America that couldn't care less about this game. I guess I care enough about it to tell y'all why I don't care for it.

I won't check the score. I won't turn on the game. I won't try to find out who won. I probably won't even have on the news. I'll probably find out the game outcome while I'm standing in line at the local deli and a TV is blaring the news of the week.

For the rest of you, I hope you have fun. I know this is a big day. For me, though, I think I'm going to be reading or writing.