Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random stuff I don't understand (Part 1)

Braille at drive-up ATMs -- Drive-up ATMs are always situated so that the driver's side of the vehicle has access to the screen and keypad. So why do they almost always have information on them in Braille? If a person is so vision impaired that he or she must read in Braille, what is he or she doing driving? Walk-up ATMs are a different story, altogether.

Handicapped parking spots at a fitness center -- I know, I know. At least in our state, all public places that have parking must allot a specific number of spots for handicapped parking. For nearly every public place out there, that law makes sense. We want disabled people to have easy access to public places. But that makes little or no sense at a gym.

The gym to which I belong has has 4 handicapped spots in front of and to each side of the front door. There is no elevator inside the building but it is a two story facility. If you want to use the second floor, you have to be able to get up the steps. Otherwise you're stuck either using treadmills and stairclimbers, weights or the swimming pool.

Whatever the case may be, if you are in the gym it is to exercise. If you can exert yourself enough to get into the pool or up the stairs, you can walk or wheel yourself from anywhere in the parking lot. If you can't move an extra 50 feet is there anything you can do in the gym? I'm not blasting handicapped folks or begrudging them a good parking spot, just wondering what the point is in parking right next to the door of a fitness center.

There will be more brilliant observations from me *wink* as I make them.


Jen said...

Handicapped stickers can be given to the elderly, too. And they are all about the fitness and healthiness nowaydays, so there's an answer to that. Plus, they want to be known as "handicapable" and don't want to be discriminated against. It'd be weird if you went to a store and couldn't get in because your race wasn't allowed in, right? Same thing. Wheelchair-ridden people ought to strengthen their arms, anyway...what with wheeling themselves around all day and such. ;-)

ourboy said...

Hey, Jen, thanks for the comment.

I'm not against handicap stickers and parking passes. I just think it's kinda funny that a person would need to park close to a building he/she is entering for the purpose of EXERCISE :) It's a tad ironic if you ask me.