Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Being tacky and desperate, apparently, is now a crime


Cops: Father Used Son To Pick Up Women

Child Asks Women To Meet Father, Police Say

POSTED: Tuesday, August 11, 2009
UPDATED: 1:15 pm EDT August 11, 2009
Authorities say a 48-year-old Utica man faces a disorderly conduct charge after he used his 7-year-old son to try and meet women in a park.Utica police Detective Sgt. David Faber says the man instructed his son on Sunday evening to ask women "if they would like to meet his dad so he could have a mother." When the women in suburban Detroit's Grant Park "would refuse, the boy would get upset and cry."Faber said the women rejected the suspect. But his ploy unsettled several men in the park and led to a confrontation.The man was arrested and posted a $100 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court within 10 days.The suspect told police he is divorced and has weekend visitation rights.Police will notify Macomb County Child Protective Services.

What this man allegedly did was pretty tasteless. I was certainly desperate and a bit creepy. There's something mildly offensive about it. But a crime? I thought we had the right in this country to be embarrass ourselves now and again.

Really, the Utica police and prosecutor need to find something better to do than waste tax payer resources on this.

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