Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little brother knocked big brother out cold

It took a half dozen years to do it, but the Michigan State Spartans finally beat the (once) mighty Michigan Wolverines. It took 18 years to do that at Michigan Stadium. The score: MSU 35, UM 21.

The score wasn't even that close. Michigan got a free touchdown from the replay official. There is no doubt that the controversial pylon play was not a TD and Jim Delany, Big Ten Commish and UM grad, said as much. MSU also missed 3 field goal opportunities.

Javon Ringer hung 194 yards on your pourous defense and scored 2 TDs. A former walk-on receiver, Blair White, had 4 catches for 143 yards, including a 61 yard TD. A former walk-on...

MSU didn't get any help from clock operators or uncalled penalties. This game was a drubbing, an old-fashioned ass-whoopin'.

Wolverines fans have already tried to downplay their loss, claiming MSU was lucky to catch UM in a "rebuilding year." I won't even waste my time highlighting all the raw talent on UM's team. Lets just say that if coaches around the country could take entire rosters and had to chose between UM's and MSU's, they'd probably pick UM's.

The "it's a rebuilding year" excuse is lame. It's loser talk. MSU has been perpetually "rebuilding" since Duffy Daugherty last walked the sidelines. In fact, they've been rebuilding my entire life! If we need to discount victories during the opponent's "rebuilding years," UM's last 31 victories over MSU have to be tossed out the window.

I couldn't be more happy for the Spartans. Wolverines, your program is terrible this year. Don't look for sympathy from me. Since your favorite son, Mike Hart, made his "little brother" comments about MSU last year, your team is 3 and 8. Mark Dantonio tried to warn you: pride comes before the fall.

Take heart: you'll be back. If MSU takes care of business, maybe this will remain a competitive rivalry.

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