Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not yet ready for the big time

The Ohio State Buckeyes blew the Michigan State Spartans off the field today. Sadly, this game was over before the end of the first quarter. MSU was maybe the better team in the 3rd quarter, but they were too far in a hole by then.

MSU's future looks bright. But today's game was supposed to be their opportunity to show that the future is now. A win would have probably meant that the Spartans would have a special season. Now we have to wonder whether they can return to form and find ways to win the remaining games.

The Spartans take on the hated Wolverines next Saturday. Michigan is a talented team that is playing lousy football and which has some mental problems. It's a game State should win. But will the embarrassing loss to OSU linger? MSU hasn't beaten Michigan since 2001 and hasn't won at the big hole in the ground (Michigan Stadium) since 1990. Can they get over that hurdle? Can they break those ugly streaks?

What they do Saturday will show us how much they have improved over last season. Last year was a lot of fun. But if this program wants to develop into a championship-caliber program, 8 wins this season should be the minimal expectation, especially now the Spartans already have 6 wins under their belt. C'mon, boys, beat the Wolverines. Show 'em that Spartans football is back and that today's game was just a bump in the road.

More about the MSU-UM game in the coming days...

Go State!

Beat Michigan!

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