Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spartans! Prepare for glory!

My MSU Spartans take on the Ohio State Buckeyes this Saturday in East Lansing. These two hard-hitting, run-first teams will line up and punch each other in the mouths. MSU coach Mark Dantonio looks to best his former boss and mentor, Jim Tressel. A slew of MSU kids from Ohio -- Javon Ringer, Brian Hoyer, Justin Kershaw, Greg Jones and B.J. Cunningham, to name a few -- no doubt want to prove something against the football power in the home state.

For the first time in years, the 6-1 Spartans look like they actually deserve to be ranked. This will be a tough game, one they aren't expected to win, but the Spartans will play well, maybe even upset the more talented Buckeyes. They certainly have the mental and physical toughness to make OSU pay for every point they get.

I'm pretty excited about this game. After years of horrible football in East Lansing, a lot of credibility has returned. The coaches know what they are doing. The players give maximum effort on every play. They also play pretty smartly.

On paper, Ohio State has more talent, but they've shown some weaknesses over the last few weeks. They are certainly beatable.

If I had to bet straight up, I would take the Spartans in a close upset. The game really could go either way. Win or lose, this is a different Spartans team. I am proud of they way they play and represent the University.

Go State! Michigan State, I mean.

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