Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Izzo and the Spartans continue their domination of the Michigan Wolverines

During so-called "Rivalry Week" on ESPN, Michigan State, once again, beat the lowly Wolverines. UM won the last two games in the series played at Crisler, but couldn't hold off the Spartans tonight.

Here are some blurbs from the Freep Press's article about the game

The Spartans have won 16 of (the last) 19 in the series.

Michigan had won its last two home games against Michigan State, but led the latest matchup just twice in the opening minutes.

* * *

Michigan State is 7-0 in true road games, joining Connecticut, Louisville and Utah State as the only undefeated Division I teams on opponents’ home courts.

The Wolverines have lost seven of their last nine and might’ve been tired against Michigan State, playing their third game in just six days.

I love it! UM's built-in excuse for being awful tonight was that they were "tired." Perhaps it's just that they are a mediocre, at best, team playing the team that should win the Big 10 this year and which is sitting at no. 9 in the national polls.

This never gets old. I hope the Wolverines are lousy for decades to come.

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